Maintenance manual for cameron dl 10 psi wp annular preventer

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MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS MANUAL for the REGAN TYPE K BLOWOUT PREVENTER September 27th Introduction: The Type K Annular Blowout Preventer was designed and first manufactured by Regan Forge & Engineering in San Pedro, California. Cameron annular - pdf documents cameron type d annular preventer 89 52. Axon Annular Blowout Preventer.

Models are available to 30-inch bore size and pressures to 25,000 psi. - 2 - replacement parts for : shaffer ram & spherical blowout preventer parts part description part description 030189 o-ring 030190 o-ring 030191 o-ring. The &39;DL&39; packer has the capacity to strip pipe as well as close and seal on almost any size or shape object that will fit into the wellbore. Figure 25 — &39;DL&39; Annular Blowout Preventer.

chapter page kill sheet basic term definitions and. Ram-Type BOPs Cameron offers an extensive product line of ram-type BOPs with features that help to reduce rig maintenance and downtime. 4 WORLDWIDE OILFIELD MACHINE WOM is certified to ISO 9001.

The unique design of our DL BOP does not require wellbore assist. These Axon Type 51 13 5/8” 5000 PSI with a 10M Bottom Flange Annular Blowout Preventers are in good used condition and for sale by the original owner. Outer Cylinder Lock Down. 000 Flange (refurbished) 1 each 13-5/8” Cameron Double Ram BOP, 10. Closing Hydraulic Ports.

DL Annular Blowout 21-1/4 psi WP Operation & Maintenance Manual : Condition of Cameron D/DL Annular Blowout Preventer Packing Cameron type d annulars, 13-5/8" - equipstream. double ram-type bop 3. 51″, Wrench: 1/2″, Connection: XT-39, 10,000 PSI WP. Cameron and Shaffer 13 5/8 BOP Stack ⋆ PetroRigs. Supplier of patented door seals for the 13-5/8”-10,000 PSI WP, 11”-15,000 PSI WP, 16-3/4”-10,000 PSI WP, 18-3/4”-10,000 PSI WP, 21-1/4”-5,000 PSI WP; Bonnet seals for Cameron Ram BOP&39;s and Hydril Style Ram BOP’s. 000 (refurbished). Designed to NACE MR-01-75 Materials Standards for resistance to sulfide stress cracking are standard.

Repair kits for Shaffer type ram BOP (blowout preventers). Cameron Style Complete BOP Annular Type D. • Improved Safety: Less manpower is. BOPs for geothermal service are also stocked. Figure 25 — &39;DL&39; Annular Blowout Preventer.

Annular Preventer: - 1 X 21 1/4" Hydril / MSP with 2,000 psi WP. all cameron oem parts sn d130011 is cameron type u 15 k psi single double with cameron dl annular 10k psi wp and data logs. Type D Annular Cameron Style - 7-1/16", 15000psi.

- Drilling Manual Shaffer Spherical Annular Preventer Manual - - Packing element is spherical or tapered type with It consists of annular blowout preventer, API 16A, maintenance manual for cameron dl 10 psi wp annular preventer BOP, Stack BOP, Annular BOP, Shear Ram, Shaffer shape. Hinged bracket assemblies and other related parts. cameron annular nature business scribd. American Oil Tools sales only the highest quality aftermarket OEM style parts for the Cameron Ram Type "U" BOP 11” 15,000 – 16 3/4”.

Air and Hydraulics; Downhole Equipment; 13-5/8" cameron type u 15k psi wp bop oem single 15k cameron type u bop with single, blowout preventer, cameron &39;dl&39; annular, manual locking screws Cameron D Type Annular Bop. • 11&39;&39; bore and 3,000/5,000 psi WP • 13-5/8&39;&39; bore and 3,000/5,000 psi WP • 13-5/8&39;&39; bore and 10,000 psi WP • 21-1/4&39;&39; bore and 5,000 psi WP Special Features: • Boltless BOP doors: The LXT incorporates the boltless BOP door locking system design, which enables opening and closing of the BOP door. : Manual Lock Wrench Assembly. Item Description; 1: Complete DL Annular Blowout Preventer, 4-1/16" 1000 psi WP: Add Add: 2: Complete DL Annular Blowout Preventer,7-1/16" 0 psi WP. Cameron 7-1/16”Type U Ram Preventer 3,000 psi –15,000 psi WP BOPs and Accessories. drilling spool 4. t 90 short body annular bop cameron. hydril gl annular preventer 90 53.

Cameron Type U Preventer was designed for drilling applications, smaller sizes are used in workover and snubbing operations. DOC TITLE: GK Annular Blowout Preventer DOC. Shaffer Type Rotating BOP. The GL BOP offers the longest life packing unit for annular blowout preventers available in the industry today - especially for the combination of BOP testing and stripping pipe into or out of a well under pressure. Shaffer Annular Parts Manual | Tricia Joy - cont. - 1 X 13-5/8" Hydril GK 5,000 with 5,000 psi WP.

well control equipment catalogue cansco dubai. Drawings date back to 1928, which makes it the earliest annular blowout preventer. 2 Cameron &39;DL&39; Packing Unit.

cameron d type annular bop manuals Media Publishing eBook, ePub, Kindle PDF View ID 534bb62f3 By Yasuo Uchida maximize reliability and performance while simplifying maintenance hydraulic stud tensioning is. 1 each 13-5/8” Cameron Annular BOP, Type D, 5. 21-1/4 5,000 wp shaffer spherical annularpsi Shaffer Annular - 9.

The annular can close on drillpipe or large tubulars without reducing operating pressure, which minimizes risk of indention or damage to casing. blowout preventer, cameron &39;dl&39; annular, 15,000 wp, 13-5/8" 10,000 wp studded top x 13-5/8" 15,000 wp flanged bottom, with nickel based alloy 625 inlaid ring grooves, per api 16a, nace dsa dsa, 13-5/8&39;&39; 15,000 x 13-5/8. Repaired Original 16-3/4” 5000 psi Cameron D Annular BOP. Blowout Preventers Replacement Parts List: Please click on the links below to view our "Blow out Preventers Replacement Parts List" Cameron Type "F" Cup Tester Cameron Ram Type "U" BOP 7- 1/16” Cameron Ram Type "U" BOP 11” Cameron Ram Type "U" BOP 16 3/4” Hydril Annular Blowout Preventer Type GK. 13-5/8" Cameron Type U 15K Psi WP BOP OEM Single 13-5/8" maintenance manual for cameron dl 10 psi wp annular preventer Cameron Type U 15K Psi WP BOP OEM Single Double with Annular MANUAL LOCKING SCREWS AND NICKEL BASED ALLOY 625 INLAID RING GROOVES, PER API 16A, BOP_Operations_Maintenance This book covers Cameron U Blowout Preventers, U BOP Operation and Maintenance.

and maintenance of most Cameron BOP Control. 1922 to the world’s first 13-5/8 in 25,000 psi BOP. cameron d type annular bop manual leisure. Online Resources.

preventer wikipedia. Quick-Release Top. Wild Well provides global emergency response and well control.

Shaffer type 4-1/16”-10,000 PSI snubbing ram blocks and snubbing inserts. cameron bop stack 1. CAMRAM™, CAMRAM 350™, CAMULAR™, VBR-II™, FLEXPACKER-NR™ and. U, UII, T, TL, UL maintenance manual for cameron dl 10 psi wp annular preventer and UM, and C ram and D and DL annular BOPs, improve perfor- mance, extend service life, reduce downtime, and lower operating costs. Selection - Weatherford stocks an enormous variety of annular and ram-type preventers and snubbing stacks from the major manufacturers - including Cameron, Shaffer and Hydril. 000 Working Pressure (Psi) 3,000 5,000 10,000 15,000 3,000 5,000 5,000 Head Type Screwed Screwed Screwed Screwed Screwed Screwed Latched.

Cameron CIW Type U BOP 10K Blowout Preventer Stack, Annular, Double, Single, Spool & Valves – Rebuilt 16A By admin 5 years ago ANNULAR BLOWOUT PREVENTER: SHAFFER TYPE SPHERICAL, 13-5/8″ 10,000 PSI WP FLANGED (BX-159) BOTTOM X STUDDED 13-5/8″ 5,000 PSI WP (BX-160) TOP. All of our Cameron Ram Type "U" BOP 11” 15,000 – 16 3/4” replacement parts are "made in the USA". bop equipment drilling exchange. cameron annular bop manual youtube. Cameron BOP Control Systems Operational & Maintenance Manual. Ram BOP - 1 X 21-1/4" Cameron Manual Type U with 2X Single Ram with psi WP H2S Trimmed. Complete 4-1/16” 10,000 PSI WP annular BOP with patented sealing element. The latched head permits quick, positive head removal for packing unit replacement or other maintenance with only minimum time.

com Individual BOP Data may differ from one BOP to another. With Cameron, reliability begins in the design phase and continues through the use of proprietary products, including high-performance elastomers. Cameron DL high-pressure annular BOPs allow reliable performance in a shorter height and lighter weight than comparable annular BOPs.

Maintenance manual for cameron dl 10 psi wp annular preventer

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